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Full Integration

Do you currently use InnoSoft Fusion as your recreation management software? We have integrated with Fusion to make your lives easier. No more redundancy for inputting information. Not a Fusion school? We are working to integrate with other softwares and allow easy upload of information.

Cloud Management System

Our CMS allows you to control your app on the fly. Giving your access to everything from ad banners to closures and push notifications. And all of this is accessable from any phone, tablet or computer, anywhere, anytime.

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Full Customization

This app was created for YOU, and we want it to look like its yours, Not just another cookie cuter app. We give you FULL customization of the app, from colours and fonts to backgrounds and icons. Everything about this app can match your exact look and feel of your school.

Low Yearly Costs

The purpose of us creating this app was to help Recreation Departments reduce the costs associated with printed materials that are being handed out to the students. We built our pricing structure to help with this. By having a low yearly cost, this puts more money back into the department, instead of in the recycling bin.

Having all of our event and activity information accessible “on the go” has proven extremely useful for our students and employee members. The design is beautiful and the interface is easy to navigate. My staff was able to start using the software with very little instruction. Whether you are considering a custom application, or an “out of the box” solution, give the Get Rec'd app a look. They have done all the hard work for you! Leanne Greene, Assistant Director of Marketing, Auburn University Campus Recreation


Daily Schedules

Easy to find and use daily schedules broken down by area. Makes finding what classes are on super easy. When you find your class, you can favorite it and build your own Favorite Classes Schedule. You can also set reminders to make sure you don't miss your class.


We are excited to say we are integrating with FusionIM. The newest and best intramural program on the market. Find out what is available, register for it and find out what your schedule is all from your mobile phone. Want more info on FusionIM? Click here

Push Notifications

Have a teacher who can't make their class and you need to let your students know? Our push notification system works from phones, tablets or computers, and pushed out to all users*. Our new generic notification system also lets you send out notifications about anything you would like, from Registration deadlines or Urgent Building closures.

Get Rec'd for Android

Ad Banners

While students are actively using your app, you have the ability to run ads along the bottom of the screen. These can be used for internal advertising about anything from Special Event Dodgeball Tournaments to upcoming registration dates. Or you could use them for ad space, and turn your app into a income generator. Don't let other people make money off your app! You control these ad bars 100%.


Want to include something in the app that we don't have a module for? We can create a button just for this and have it link back to your website or any other page you want it to link to. These buttons are also unlimited, so you can have as many as you like.

All of the info.
None of the waste!

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Go Green!

Do you find your brochures, schedule cards, or flyers laying on the floor in the locker room, or filling up the track cans around campus?

In a recent study conducted, 84% of students have smart phones.

Moving to the Get Rec'd App has saved York University thousands of dollars in printing costs. When I first started the printing budget was approximately $10,000. With the use of the app that number has been cut down to $2,000! Peter Mumford, Campus Recreation Director, York University

We have the solution!

Reduce your carbon footprint by cutting back on your printing needs. Our app is the easiest way to do this! Our app includes full daily schedules for each programmed area, as well as a fully interactive digital brochure reader.

On average our clients have reduced their printing by 70-90%.

The Fusion Family

The most comprehensive software on the market

App platforms include desktop, tablet and mobile.

Innosoft Canada Inc. offers the ONLY fully comprehensive software solution on the market.
One software, running your full recreation department.
Campus Recreation. Simplified.

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